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What Is Transponder Key - Pop A Lock Las Vegas


Nearly all new cars in the U.S.A market today are fitted with some type of transponder key. Mazda, Pontiac, Cadillac, Buick, Hyundai, Lexus, Suzuki and Honda and basically every manufacturer of cars uses transponder keys and reading this post will help you in understanding more about them.

What is a Transponder Key?

Straight forward, these keys consist a radio frequency transmitter remote inside of them. A computer near the ignition switch of the vehicle has a receiver. The key sends an extremely low-level signal to the vehicle that can only be recognized when the exact programmed key is in the switch.

Why Do Car manufacturers Use Transponder Keys?

They are employed to counter high rates of car theft. The vehicle will not start if the vehicle's computer at the switch doesn't identify the signal from the key. If a duplicated key is used without the exact signal, the vehicle will not start.

Why does this matter to me?

Few years back, altering your Acura key was applicable at the dealership, the hardware store or even at Walmart, nonetheless this advantage was handy not only to the owner, but to any man or women that got a key cutting machine could reproduce another set of key to unlock a random vehicle and drive away stealing it. At present, replacement Acura transponder chipped key keys has to be made by an commissioned lock smith or accredited dealer-ship, the key has to be compatible and computed to the automobile and virtually, cloning keys turn to be more managed and as a side effect also a lot more lavish.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Transponder Key?

  1. Open this website and search your vehicle manufacturer of cars, model and year and query for the results.
  2. In almost all cases, the plastic cap of the key will be wider than a metal key blade. Another test is to wrap the plastic beak of the key with a few layers of tin foil and then try to start the car. If the car doesn't start, the key contain a chip.
  3. One more way to know that you have a electronic key is by it's price. You can call your local auto motive dealer with your vehicle ID number and request for a replacement key cost. If the price is a few buck, chances are strong that it isn't a transponder key. If the price more than $50, it is most likely that a transponder is present!
  4. Note: There are some exceptions, but they are not common.

    What Does This Have To Do With Remote Car Starters?

    In it's most trivial form, a remote car starter is “hot wiring” your automobile in a highly controlled and precise way. If the automobile doesn't identify the signal from the key, your remote car starter will fail to start the car.

    How Do You Get Around This?

    There are multifarious programmers that are available to get around this obstacle while remote start. These programmers trick the engine control module into believing that the key is present. It is crucial to recognize that this can only happen during the remote start cycle. This method do not remove the protection that the transponder key furnishes, but simply bypass it at the starting cycle.


    Automotive locksmiths has been placing car remote starters long before transponder keys were available on cars. Armed with high standards bypass modules manufacturers a car lock-smith is able to install them correctly.

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